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182 Skylane

The Perfect Performer

Power, safety, and practicality combine to make the Cessna 182 the pilot’s ultimate choice. Whether it’s for family or business, there’s not a more robust or stable traveling platform. On the tarmac, or down the backcountry strips, the 182 handles it all. With a reliable range of 915 nm, and enough useful load for the whole family, the 182 is hard to beat.


Length 29ft (8.8 m)
Height 9 ft 4 in (2.8 m)
Wingspan 36 ft (10.97 m)
Wing Area 174 sq ft (16.17 sq m)

Cabin Interior

Height 49 in (1.2 m)
Width 42 in (1.07 m)
Length 11 ft 2 in (3.4 m)
Maximum Occupants 4

Baggage Capacity

Weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Volume 32cu ft (0.91 cu m)
Maximum Ramp Weight 3,110 lb (1,411 kg)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 3,100 lb (1,406 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 2,950 lb (1,157 kg)
Usable Fuel Weight 522 lb (237 kg)
Usable Fuel Volume 87gal (329 l)
Basic Empty Weight 2,000 lb (907 kg)
Useful Load 1,110 lb (503 kg)
Maximum Payload 950 lb (431 kg)
Full Fuel Payload 588 lb (267 kg)
Maximum Cruise Speed 145 ktas (269 km/h)
Maximum Range 915 nm (1,695 km)
Takeoff Distance 1,514 ft (461 m)
Ground Roll 795 ft (242 m)
Landing Distance 1,350 ft (411 m)
Ground Roll 590 ft (180 m)
Service Ceiling 18,100 ft (5,517 m)
Maximum Climb Rate 924 fpm (282 mpm)
Maximum Limit Speed 175 kias (324 km/h)
Stall Speed 49 kcas (91 km/h)
Manufacturer Lycoming
Model IO-540-AB1A5
Power Output 230 hp (230 hp)
Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
Description 3 blade metal, constant speed

* These are the numbers for the most current non-turbo factory model provided by Textron. See Individual listings and your individual manual for correct numbers. Performance data is based on standard conditions with zero wind. Field performance assumes a level, hard-surface, dry runway. Range is based on a ferry mission with one pilot (170 lb) at 55% power with 45 minutes reserve.

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